NutriMost was recently the subject of two studies to determine and showcase the system’s safety and effectiveness. The first was a double-blind, institutional review board-approved, randomized and placebo-controlled parallel trial (RPC).  The other was a prospective, longitudinal cohort study (PLC).

The PLC study demonstrated that the personalized and supervised NutriMost 40 day weight loss program is considerably effective, with 10% of participants reporting and an average weight loss of over 45 pounds in 40 days.  Additionally, the top 25% of participants in this group lost an average of 38.7 pounds.  Overall average weight loss was 26.2 pounds, reflecting 14.3 pounds lost during  the first 20 days of the program.

Both studies demonstrated that users not only sustained their weight loss, but continued losing weight after the program’s initial phase.  The average PCL trial participant lost over 3 pounds, while the average RCP participant lost an average of 1.4 pounds after the primary weight loss phase.  The RCP trial demonstrated that participants in the non-personalized & unsupervised 40 day weight loss program reported an average weight loss of 6.13 pounds during the first three weeks.

Conclusion & Findings

Both the PLC and RPC trials demonstrate that the NutriMost 40 day weight loss system is effective for reduction of body weight and stored fat.

NutriMost Safety Analysis

Multiple factors were utilized during the RPC trial to determine safety, including vitals, visual exams and comprehensive blood work to demonstrate that the NutriMost 40 day weight loss program provided a safe means of losing weight.

Post-program Weight Loss Sustainability

Both studies demonstrated weight loss sustainability, with the RPC showing the weight loss continued after the weight loss phase from day 45 to day 112.  During this time, caloric intake was substantially increased, with participants losing an additional 1.4 pounds, on average.

The PCL trial demonstrated that in the 21 to 30 days after the initial weight loss phase, women reported and average loss of 3.1 pounds, while men reported an average 3.3 pounds lost.  Approximately 80.0% of men and 84% of women experienced no weight gain, or continued losing weight compared to their set-point weight following the final day of the program’s initial weight loss phase. 92% of men and 95.0% of women maintained body weight within 2 pounds of their set-point weight.

In conclusion, these uniquely controlled studies demonstrate that the NutriMost rapid weight loss program is safe and effective for healthy weight loss and decreased body fat.

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